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With an impressive experience in the field of public procurement gained in a benchmark Romanian law firm, Andra Iftemie joins the business law team of Băncilă, Diaconu și Asociații to strengthen and expand the firm's public projects and energy practice. As Managing Associate, she will coordinate the climate change, sustainability and transportation practice.

"It is of great importance for our law firm to continuously improve our service offering. Andra joining our team is an example in this respect. We see our clients' increasing interest in ESG and fully understand its importance. The excellent collaboration we have with the EY specialists in this domain, as well as Andra's complex experience and passion for the field of sustainable economy give us confidence that we can assist our clients in innovative projects. We are delighted to have Andra as member of our team, we welcome her and wish her success!", said Andrei Stefanovici, Director, coordinator of the public projects and energy practice.

Andra holds a bachelor degree in law with the Bucharest University – Law Faculty, a bachelors degree in law with the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne – The French-Romanian Law College of European Studies and a master degree in Public procurement, concessions and public private partnership with the Bucharest University – Law Faculty. Andra is also a PhD candidate with the Bucharest University- Law Faculty, the title of her doctoral thesis being ”The role of private financing in the organization and the functioning of public services”.

Andra has significant experience in public projects having an extensive climate change and sustainability component, including infrastructure, transportation, construction and refurbishment of administrative buildings, public procurement of various goods and services. She has been involved in notable infrastructure projects, assisting international joint-ventures and national companies. Andra also has a rich academic experience and was enthusiastically involved in the training of numerous generations of students. In this role, she developed a wide knowledge of the problematics now regulated by European and national provisions. 

"I am happy to join Băncilă, Diaconu și Asociații to develop the climate change, sustainability and transportation practice of the firm. This is an extremely dynamic area with a regulatory framework that is continuously improving. We see a constant concern from the business community for the development of sustainable businesses with a positive response from the government that is taking actions towards sustainability and the circular economy. I am confident that, together with our colleagues in EY's specialized departments, we can respond to our clients' needs with a comprehensive understanding of the issues they face and with tailored solutions," said Andra Iftemie, Managing Associate.