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The impact of the pandemic has been quite divergent based on whether a business is essential or non-essential, whether a business can work remotely or requires physical presence, whether it services persons at home or in the office. Some sectors have done well, mostly high tech and food shopping, whereas other sectors have been simply devastated, such as travel, leisure, restaurants, and aviation. Moreover, many businesses are not planning to “go back” to a pre-covid-19 working environment; many are planning to integrate remote work on a long term basis. For those significantly impacted, and those experimenting with new working models, restructuring and reengineering of the workforce are just around the corner, and will likely lead to headcount reductions.

In this issue, we focus on the key issues that need to be top of mind by companies in each jurisdiction around the world if a reduction of workforce project is contemplated. Our colleagues, Anca Atanasiu and Ana Flueran have discussed the tools available for Romanian employers who wish to restructure their activities and the procedures required.

EY Labor Law Strategic Global Topics - Workforce transformation and restructuring - 2021