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The agreement for the acquisition of British Foam Grup was signed at the end of the previous year, following extensive negotiations conducted with the investors that founded the business. The transaction was financed through a private equity structure organized in the Netherlands, with input from an international bank active in Romania. The transaction was structured as a leverage buyout, the last phase (finalized at the beginning of August 2016) consisting in the merger between the acquiring vehicle and the target company.

The legal assistance for the buyer was offered by Radu și Asociații SPRL | EY Law through its M&A and financing teams coordinated by Radu Ionescu and Radu Diaconu. In addition, EY has offered financial and tax assistance both to the buyer and, following the acquisition, to the target company. This way, the buyers were the beneficiaries of an integrated package of legal, tax and financial services, under the coordination of a team of lawyers from Radu și Asociații SPRL | EY Law.